Firm Profile

Margo® (Intellectual Property) is the trading style of Margo Attorneys, Inc., a specialist firm. We operate a complete IP filing and maintenance service, managing portfolios of patents, trade marks and designs the world over.

As a natural extension of this, we also offer complete service offerings for matters of:

  • litigation and the assertion of IP rights income; and
  • IP management & commercialisation, including the preparation of technology, legal and taxation opinions, and the drafting of commercial agreements.

Over the years, we have also developed a niche reputation for our expertise in tax deductions, allowances and opportunities that have IP as basis, notably: R&D tax incentives and the interface between exchange control and IP.

Margo® Attorneys, Inc. prides itself on being a dedicated specialist, equally, in the demanding disciplines of IP law, taxation and technology. All work, without exception, is conducted by a qualified patent attorney and tax practitioner. We speak the language of science & technology with your engineers, the language of tax with your tax accountants, and the language of legal risk and interpretation with your financial directors.

For seven decades, the name "Margo" has been synonymous with intellectual property and tax. That tradition of excellence continues in Margo® Attorneys, Inc.

Download our PAIA Manual here.